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Sacramento Black Chamber Press Release
Pesticide ban not good for our community & businesses
Monterey Shale Business Forum
Travel Terror Alert
Black Business News Op-Ed piece on Low Carbon Fuel Standard!


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My Blog

Sacramento Black Chamber Press Release

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Pesticide ban not good for our community & businesses

Proposed Ban Will Raise Costs of Rodent Control, Increase Risk of Infestations, and Threaten Public Health and Safety
Current Situation
The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) has announced a proposed measure that, if implemented, will deprive California consumers and small businesses access to affordable and highly-effective rodenticides, and leave them with more expensive and potentially more dangerous alternatives.

Monterey Shale Business Forum

If you are interested in the details of the Monterey Shale project I recommend that you attend this event

Monterey Shale Business Forum
                                              Woodbury University, Fletcher Jones Auditorium

Travel Terror Alert

Los Angeles Times | August 2, 2013 | 8:27 AM

The State Department issued a worldwide travel alert today because of an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist threat that has already prompted plans to close U.S. embassies in key Middle Eastern countries.

U.S. officials have noticed an increase in communications between militants in recent days, apparently related to the end of the Ramadan holiday next Wednesday. The State Departmenton Thursday disclosed plans to close embassieson Sunday in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Iraq and other nations.

Black Business News Op-Ed piece on Low Carbon Fuel Standard!

What's really happening with fracking in California

Don't buy into the hype do your own research on this issue before you decide what is right. Please read the entire article and let me know your thoughts. 

Wall Street Journal
June 7, 2013, 6:57 p.m. ET
REVIEW & OUTLOOK: Fracturing in California
Democrats revolt against a ban on oil and gas 'fracking.'
Few issues divide Democrats more than energy policy, as we've learned as unions and environmentalists fight over the Keystone XL pipeline. More evidence now comes from California, where greens have lost an attempt to ban oil and gas hydraulic fracturing.

Urgent Action Alert! Send a letter to CPUC Regarding Basic Telephone Service.

Your help is needed on this very important issue. 

The CPUC will vote on a change to the definition to Basic Telephone Services introduced as legislation by Gwen Moore in the 1990’s. Commission President Mike Peevey wants to include wireless services as a part of the Basic Services definition . Basic Services include Lifeline Services which reduces the cost of telephone services for under served and low income communities.
Technology has improved over the years since this legislation was introduced, it only makes sense that this change be made.

Save our Jobs Send CARB a message today!!

Send CARB a Message Today: 

Protect California Jobs and Businesses from Cap and Trade Auction Costs

As part of its new cap and trade regulation The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is planning to auction greenhouse gas emission (GHG) allowances starting in November, requiring California businesses and employers to spend billions of dollars for the right to continue operating in the state.On September 20, the CARB board will consider giving California businesses some degree of protection – called transition assistance.

No on SB 568

This Bill is not good for Black and Latino owned small restaurants. The increase in cost will cause job lost and maybe even closure. Contact your Assembly Member and ask for a no vote on SB 568. 

CARB hearing Thursday 5/24/12

It has been said in regards to major policy decisions that“you are either at the table or on the menu”.

I am putting together a group of Black Leaders to attend the CARB hearing listed below in order to have our voices heard on a very important matter. CARB is hosting a panel to help them determine how the funds they receive from Cap & Trade are going to be invested.
Let’s be clear, these funds are going to be paid by utility companies, oil companies and major manufacturing companies. This means that these funds are actually coming from you and me because these companies will pass these costs down to the consumer.