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Edwin Lombard Management, Inc.
is a Public Relations, Communications, and  Community Outreach Consulting Firm. 

As driven professionals and advocates for small business and the minority community, ELM engages proven outreach and coalition building principals to organize minority business leaders, grass-roots and community-based organizations to execute planned government relations strategies. Our firm engages social media, strong verbal and written communication skills and a proven ability to manage multiple clients and deadlines. ELM has developed new strategies, processes, guidelines, and strategic communications materials to encourage and support stakeholders in the political process. We strategically coordinate executive-level meetings among public, private and non-profit stakeholders establishing valuable and managed community engagement that has enhanced the success record of public policy campaigns. ELM manages social media accounts in conjunction with strategic partners to facilitate the end goal.   
We provide the following services throughout the state of California:

  • Strategic Outreach
  • Government Relations Strategies
  • Managed Community Engagement
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Facilitate Executive Level Meetings With Elected Officials
  • Public Speaking 

Over the past 19 years, we have established a very successful third party advocacy model. We developed comprehensive strategies to achieve our client’s political and public policy goals by creating a nexus between the client's needs and the concerns of the minority community. We organize and educate minority, grassroots organizations to work with major industry, legislators, and local elected officials to ensure the needs of our clients are achieved.
We have successfully supported our client’s efforts to defeat or support many initiatives and bills with thousands of letters, emails and phone calls to legislators, local officials, and regulatory agencies. We organized, attended and testified at legislative committee hearings, town hall meetings, city council hearings, and regulatory agency hearings.
ELM has established relationships with Latino and Asian organizers, forming a coalition to engage on issues of concern to all parties. Together, we have become the voice of the Minority Majority.
For additional information or to schedule a meeting to establish a contract for services, please contact me at edwin@lombardmgmt.com or (916) 524-8070 mobile. 
Edwin A. Lombard III
President and CEO
ELM Strategies
1079 Sunrise Avenue, Suite B315
Roseville, CA 95661
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